Tiny Time Travels: Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is a beautiful city in Arizona that has many great family-friendly activities. We have been enjoying our time in Phoenix and simply exploring all the fun places to visit in town.

Here are my family’s top attractions in Phoenix, Arizona:

Makutu’s Island – 6919 W Ray Rd, Chandler, AZ 85226


This place is ABSOLUTELY fun. From the plethora of trees that nearly anyone can climb through to the arcade where we’ve won tons of tickets (plus scored some cool prizes) – this is the place to come to especially when you want to escape Phoenix’s heat. The girls can spend hours here having fun while I go to the parent’s lounge and get some work completed or to order our food.

Arizona Science Center – 600 E Washington St, Phoenix, AZ 85004


We can go to the science center every single week and the girls will not get bored. This four-floor science center is fun and with the science center membership, we are able to visit as many times as we want, see one movie every day for free, invite up to 4 other people with us for free, AND travel to other select ASTC science centers and children museums for free. Being a part of the ASTC family has well paid for itself. From Florida to California we have been able to visit many museums when we travel because of this membership.

Wildlife World Zoo – 16501 W Northern Ave, Litchfield Park, AZ 85340


For outdoor fun – when the weather is not too hot – this zoo is so fun. I’ve personally never seen a zip line, log ride, or any roller coasters at a zoo before so this place has to be at the top of my list for the best zoos in the US to visit. The girls enjoyed the safari tours and the Dillons BBQ restaurant located in the aquarium part of the zoo. The food is not only tasty, but the restaurant itself is quite interesting. Not only are you able to sit next to the fish, but you also have the option to sit next to the flamingos or the white alligator.

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Arizona – 5000 S Arizona Mills Cir #135, Tempe, AZ 85282


No, this is not the LEGOLAND amusement park in California or Florida, but it’s quite close to it. Currently, there are 9 LEGOLAND Discovery Centers in the US and 9 locations overseas. This is a fun little indoor spot to visit. The location here in Arizona is located inside of the Arizona Mills Mall and next to the SEA LIFE Arizona Aquarium. Both places do the job if you’re interested in staying in one central location. Plus, you can go shopping before or after having fun.

SEA LIFE Arizona Aquarium – 5000 S Arizona Mills Cir #145, Tempe, AZ 85285


The girls enjoyed looking at all of the animals here and doing the SEA LIFE Junior Ranger pack. Unlike LEGOLAND, the girls went through the ranger pack rather quickly. They wanted to jump around and have fun. Nevertheless, this was a great place for us to visit and with our membership, we are able to visit many zoos and aquariums either for free or at a discounted rate as it’s apart of the AZA reciprocal program.

Children’s Museum of Phoenix – 215 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 85034


Located in downtown Phoenix and across the street from the science center, the children’s museum is another fun spot for the girls and I. It offers many fun things to do and great children/family oriented programs all in one spot. Outside of simply visiting, we’ve taken a cooking class and attended the Kindergarten Bootcamp which preps preschoolers for Kindergarten here. The cooking classes are so fun for families and a great way to bond with our children. The girls enjoyed making and eating their cake pops… enjoyed it enough to make them at home!

Enchanted Island – 1202 W Encanto Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85007


Now, Enchanted Island is a very simple, but really nice children’s amusement to visit. The membership that we have has paid for itself since we’ve been here. From the mini roller coaster and rides catered to little ones to the super fun and competitive water gun game that parents can play against the kids, we’ve enjoyed each visit. It’s located close to downtown at a park that’s shaped like a (Hint: island). They have a train that takes you through the actual amusement park and then outside around the lakes and regular park. During the summer, this place is fun to go to as they open in the evening as the rides are too hot in the daytime, but as the sun goes down, the water activities are our go to.

Burton Barr Central Library – 21 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85004


I’ve never been to a library like this before. I mean this place is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! Last year, the library was closed due to water damage and although I kept hearing that we had a library downtown, I didn’t know where it was located. I didn’t expect the huge copper building to be a library as at first glance, I honestly couldn’t tell that it was a library. Well, once I stepped inside on their reopening day, I was taken away by how it looked on the inside. The kid’s library on the first floor itself was bigger than the library I’d grown up with across the street from me. It is like a mini children’s museum within the library with all of the activities you can do. Not only do they have fun things for the kids to do, but they also have pretty awesome children’s classes.

From Preschool Prep and Bilingual Storytime, they there’s a program called Little Bytes that teaches children as young as 4 years old how to code! We’ve been attending the classes for a while and although at first, my girls were nervous to be in a classroom setting like this, a few weeks later, they were in love. They came to enjoy the other kids, the robot songs, and activities. We go here at least once a week simply for the coding class and I can see that what the girls are learning are getting applied to their everyday lives.

Lake Pleasant Regional Park – 40202 N 87th Ave Peoria, AZ 85383


Anyone looking to take a break from the Phoenix heat can definitely add Lake Pleasant to their list of fun family-friendly places to visit. Just around 25 minutes north of Phoenix, this goes on our “We Have To Visit Again” list. We went to see the fireworks and then a few weeks later to eat at Dillon’s BBQ (which is also at the Wildlife World Zoo) We enjoyed the food so much at the zoo that we wanted to check it out at Lake Pleasant. It was certainly hot out when we went, but the breeze from our small cruise ride to the restaurant made this experience “pleasant”. 😉

Sedona, Arizona


Known for their beautiful red rocks and having the only turquoise McDonald’s arches in the world, Sedona is a nice place to visit in Arizona. During our visit, we took a trolley tour to learn more about the city, its history, and the people living there. We learned why the infamous golden McD’s arches are turquoise: it’s because since the city itself embraces more cool and calm architectures, wanted everything to blend with the natural surroundings. Surely, that idea was fantastic as since the arches are different than what we’re used to, it’s certainly a sweet hotspot to visit by many tourists from around the world.

Camp Verde, Arizona

Out of Africa Wildlife Park


“Call Us Wild. Call Us Crazy. Just Don’t Call Us a Zoo.” I also want to add: just call this place pure fun! From the personal animal feedings and tours to the events and ziplining over the park – this place was absolutely fun. We had the chance to touch and pick up a 100lb ball python and was all able to hand feed the giraffes on our tour which was included in the general admission. Plus, if it’s your birthday, you can visit for FREE during your entire birthday month. We definitely have to go back and visit again.


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