Testing Out Full-time Traveling

Today is officially our first day of actually being in the van other than decorating it and I must say thus far, this vanlife thing has been pretty cool. I’m actually excited about full time traveling and eventually getting an RV within the next year or 2 (this way I can stand up, plus the girls can have their own bunk beds and I can have my own bed). At first, everything was cool. I was in here earlier today while the girls were with my mom. Since she had the house key, I couldn’t get into my apartment so I figured to camp out in the van to see how I like it. To be honest, I actually do like it. I am jotting down some things I’ve noticed and want to do.

1) I did notice that I need to bring an extension cord for my Macbook as the charger is very big and can’t really squeeze into the little section where my inverter is in the nightstand that the man built.

2) I NEED an electric blanket and extra blankets simply for comfort. It’s cold without any blankets and since my 3 blankets and my coats are in the apartment, I’m out here at 8pm cold in this long sleeve shirt and faux leather leggings. (Btw, I love the faux leather seats and they aren’t actually bad laying down on, but I think at least having a blanket to lay on will feel a bit better in the longrun).

3) I turned on my little battery operated dimmer and it’s pretty cool. I didn’t make it too bright, just bright enough for me to see. I like having the battery operated lights opposed to having them run off the solar as it leaves me with more solar for charging needs. Now for the bathroom, I think using the other light the man left will be great in the stall area so you can see. The light I am using in the back simply lights up this entire back area so I think having 2 lights in here will work wonders.

4) I checked outside to actually see how the shades look (like if I could see in the van with the light on) and I couldn’t really see anything at all. There was a very small strip of light (where the shades cut off in the windows) but other than that, if I were a random stranger walking by, I wouldn’t think this was a mobile home. I also like the felts my mom got at the goodwill. They actually worked and we just used some left over command strips to hang them up temporarily until I get either stronger strips or another hanging option. But with the felt, you can’t see in here AT ALL. Now, I am still planning on tinting the side windows that I can get to. I think the tint would make this 100% darker.

Other than being cold, everything thus far is going well. I’m looking forward to getting what I need fixed tomorrow and to finish decorating. Most importantly, I’m looking forward to not having to pay as much rent and exploring with the girls. I honestly think that this experience will not only be good for them learning wise, but I will be able to grow, learn, and appreciate all things as well.

Taking the van out on a “mini road trip” for the first time.

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