How to Make Money While Traveling

Working at the beach in Florida

I’ve been asked several times over these past few years how I’m able to earn money and travel so often and I’m happy to help answer this question! My intent with this particular blog post is to simply help and encourage people that are looking to work remotely – whether while they’re traveling or not – and provide solid resources that have greatly helped me regarding where to find real remote work. Although there are many work from home blogs YouTube channels, blogs, and paid services available, as a mother that has been working remotely for almost 6 years with the goal of being able to stay at home with my children, I want to share what has worked for me.

A Brief Background About Me Working Remotely

I’ve been truly blessed to have been able to work remotely since my oldest daughter has been born. I stumbled upon working from home right when I was able to have my first daughter and landed my first remote position as an online chat agent for a well-known cellular company 2 days after she was born. I’ve been working remotely for almost 6 years now and it’s been a blessing because the jobs that I’ve worked have mainly all been pretty flexible where I can work anywhere that I have internet connection.

“What Do You Do For Work?”

I work at a Digital Engagement company and I’ve been with them for nearly 4 years now. I have a background in Fashion Marketing and I’m currently learning how to code so I try to center my work around clients in the ecommerce, technology, or business fields. My work currently consists of social media marketing and forum management/moderation and when I’m not working I am learning how to code via Team Treehouse and Codecademy. If you’re interested in computer programming, the Codecademy platform has a free course and Treehouse offers a free trial. The tech industry is a popular industry to find remote work in. There are many developers, web designers, graphic designers, etc. that full-time travel and either work for a company or freelance their work.

I honestly like what I do and I’ve been blessed to have had the opportunity to work for some amazing clients. I’m constantly expanding my skills with hopes of teaching my daughters how to program, write blog posts, and use social media responsibly.

“What Should I Do For Internet Service?”

Depending on your job, you will need to have a stable internet connection to work remotely. Some jobs require phone support while others are more flexible where you can work at Starbucks, on the beach, or maybe at a coworking office amongst fellow remote workers. For my job, thankfully I met a family out on the road that also works remotely and they told me about an unlimited hotspot service.

Thanks to them, I was able to secure a great hotspot service that allows me to work without worrying about my internet connection. Compared to my previous internet providers like Comcast and Cox, the hotspot is pretty reliable like them. I pay $100/mo for the service and while it is more than my previous service with Cox and Comcast what I currently have is totally worth it.

Before getting this hotspot device, I used to use my phone’s hotspot which was included with my phone service, but I quickly realized that 30GB was not going to work. With the separate hotspot device, I am not only able to work, but the girls can watch shows on the tablets and I can connect my phone to the hotspot’s WIFI (which means that I’ve been able to lower my phone bill). So overall getting a solid hotspot device is a win/win when working remotely!

“How Can I Start Working Remotely?”

So many people are interested in working remotely now and I am excited to know that people are now realizing that you can generate a stable income from basically anywhere. Working remotely isn’t for everyone, but if it’s for you, I’m happy to share what got me started into working remotely.

For starters, I found this blog called Real Ways to Earn Money Online which is run by a mother that had a desire to help people find legit remote work and teaches people how to spot scams. Through this blog, I was able to learn about the specific keywords that I should use when looking for a job (ex. remote, work from home, work at home, virtual, and telecommute). So many different companies use a variety of words for their remote positions so it’s good to have a foundational knowledge of how these jobs can be called.

Besides Real Ways to Earn Money Online, I’ve found great success with finding reliable remote work via Indeed. Other great resources when looking for remote work are LinkedIn, FlexJobs and Ziprecruiter. I strongly suggest researching a company prior to submitting any personal information to them. If it’s a well-known company like Enterprise, Apple, Amazon, or Capital One to name a few, you’ll be more at ease as those are already known to the public.

Lastly, you don’t HAVE to just do customer service work or start a YouTube channel and/or blog to work remotely (although those opportunities are common when talking about remote work). As mentioned before, there are developers and designers that also work remotely. There are jobs to help tutor or teach children remotely, provide moderation services for various forums or blogs, and even data entry positions. I personally know people that work in the medical/health industry that also work remotely. So honestly, there’s a range of industries that will allow their workers to do their jobs from home – or anywhere.

If you do plan to travel, there are even campsites that will allow you to work in exchange for free or cheaper lot fees. I don’t have a lot of knowledge about those type of jobs, but I do know that there are websites like KOA and WorkcampingJobs do what they can to provide campgrounds that are looking for Park Hosts or work-camping positions. Also, if you want, there are services like Lyft and Uber which are popular in almost every city that’ll allow you to drive people in your car.

So there you have it! Whether you’re an:

Extrovert that prefers to work with people in person while you travel – there are jobs for you!

Introvert that prefers to work in the comforts of your home or simply alone – there are jobs for you!


Ambivert that prefers a mixture of both – there are jobs for you!

Hopefully this information helps someone and it answers the question of what I do for work and how I’m able to travel often with my kids. As I stated before, it’s not for everyone, but for those interested – I am hoping I was able to help you.

Be Blessed!

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  1. Great advice God Bless


    1. Tiffany says:

      Thank you for reading! 🙂


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