About Us

Hello and Welcome to Tiny Time Travelers!

I am Tiffany and the mother of 2 adventurous, vibrant, and incredibly fun young daughters. For the past 4 years, we’ve lived in 3 different cities/states (St. Louis, Missouri, Seattle, Washington, and Phoenix, Arizona) and we enjoy traveling together – whether it’s by plane, car, van, bus, or boat. We’re using this blog to document our worldschooling adventures and our minimalistic tiny living lifestyle. We’re currently living in and traveling with our tiny mobile home (#VANLIFE) and who knows what we’ll do next. We’re just taking our time and enjoying what we do have.

On a typical day, you can catch us out touring a museum, zoo, aquarium, library, or National Park. I like to think outside of the box when it comes to education and simply believe that we’re never too old to stop learning. I want to encourage my daughters to explore what’s around, expand their thinking, and most importantly show the love of Christ no matter where we go and who we meet. As believers, we’ve been called to “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone!” Mark 16:15 and that’s our overall goal with traveling. I know that we’ve been put on this Earth for a purpose and that purpose is higher than ourselves. We’re committed to not only traveling to explore, but traveling to help wherever we can, and traveling to see God’s beautiful creation while we have time.

Over the years, I’ve learned what it means to focus on less and to live more. As a family, we’re all learning to live smaller, be content with what we have even if it’s less than what we’re used to, and simply enjoy the freedom that we currently do have. I work remotely and I’m truly thankful for that as it allows my schedule to be more flexible and gives us opportunities to do more outside of the typical work/life balance.

I want to encourage my daughters to explore what’s around, expand their thinking, and most importantly show the love of Christ no matter where we go and who we meet.

– Tiffany of Tiny Time Travelers

Why did you choose the nameTiny Time Travelers?

I chose the name Tiny Time Travelers for 3 main reasons:

1.) We’re tiny people living in tiny/small spaces. Doing so has caused me to be more intentional of what we consume as a family. This intentionality has made me become more minimalist which is completely opposite of how I lived prior to motherhood. I have a background in Fashion Marketing and I used to own A LOT. I owned so much stuff, I had duplicates and didn’t realize it until I was getting rid of everything. Learning more about the fashion industry, it’s expanded my thoughts concerning style, consumerism, sustainability, and the ethical aspect of the business. I’m more conscious of what I buy and I try my best to support ethical companies.

2.) We travel to multiple time zones and usually within a week’s time frame. As we have family all over the states and outside of the US, we like to fly to meet up with them. That can mean spending a day or 2 in Las Vegas and then flying to St. Louis for a few days. Then we’re on a plane again down to Georgia and Florida to visit more family and then back to Phoenix… ALL WITHIN A WEEK’S TIME FRAME and not for work, but simply for fun and family.

3.) We LOVE The Flash. Yes, you read that correctly, we love the fastest man alive whom of course – time travels! Some days, I wish that we could actually time travel. Wouldn’t that be cool? I mean, the thought of going back in time to witness historic and Biblical events in person excites me. Although I do understand time traveling isn’t possible and we should live in our present time, the thought itself brings out the nerd in me.

So those are the 3 main reasons as to why our name is Tiny Time Travelers. We want to encourage more families to start traveling. We’ve met some awesome families like us that travel on a full-time basis and we’re loving that! As we travel more, I’ll create a FAQs page, interview families that travel, and continue to document our journey.

Thank you for joining in with us on this journey!